Our commitment to social responsibility

At Tangerine, we are enthusiastic about sustainability, which is the center of our approach to corporate social responsibility. We believe it is the core of driving impact as a business and in our communities.

We are integrating sustainable business practices across our operations. Our code is to act responsibly in our day-to-day relationships with our customers, suppliers, employees, and communities.

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Total of
14,850kg Bottles collected

It takes 15,000kg bottles to sponsor 25 kids to school. Play your part in ensuring a bright and safe future for the next generation.

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Based on our high ethical standards, we aspire to deliver excellently on our CSR pillars.

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    Environmental Impact

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    Education & Advocacy

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    Community Involvement

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    Environmental Impact

    Tangerine is dedicated to protecting the planet we all share by reducing waste, saving energy, and conserving water resources. Through strategic partnerships and initiatives, we engage in periodic activities that focus on creating a more sustainable environment.

    It is our long-term vision to achieve healthier waste management in our operations, workspaces, and community. We run a waste management program to reduce, reuse, recycle, donate, and encourage behavior change beginning with employees and extended to the public.

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    Education & Advocacy

    Using the strength of our social capital, we engage stakeholders to educate staff and ensure adherence to best practices.

    We also provide educational opportunities to the coming generation through our scholarship programs, as we believe that quality education increases opportunities to access a better life.

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    Community involvement

    Encouraging employee participation, we engage in community-related activities that directly affect the environment where we live and work. Tangerine recognizes the importance of community involvement as the interdependence between our business and the community is undeniable.

    We embrace giving back; through financial contributions, collaborating with organizations and events, in-kind gifts, and employee volunteerism, we foster positive change in communities.

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Our Initiatives

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    Recycling for Scholarships

    Recycling for Scholarship is an initiative aimed at decreasing illiteracy using a method that simultaneously preserves the environment. Our goal is to provide children with resources to get a quality education, as an inability to pay fees is a leading reason for a high number of children out-of-school.

    We organized the first edition in July 2020 through a recyclable collection drive tagged #TangerinePlasticChallenge. Following the 3 days collection exercise, about 642kg of recyclables was presented to ISRINA School, Ajegunle Lagos. ISRINA School receives recyclables as a form of school fee payment. Miss Yetunde Saheed was the scholarship recipient for the 2020/2021 academic year.

    For the second edition, we are in partnership with the Lagos State Waste Management (LAWMA). Mesh bins have been set in strategic locations in Lagos state to collect recyclable plastic items. After the collection period, accredited recyclers will weigh the items, and exchange them for money or present them as an acceptable mode of school fees payment. Our target is to sponsor 10 kids by the beginning of the next academic year September

Why you can trust us

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    We are committed to providing an account of our performance on issues of interest to our stakeholders. Our reports by our CSR Framework compliance with ISO 26000 standard urges that, at appropriate intervals, users should report on their performance on social responsibility to the stakeholders. Our report will include a complete picture of performance.

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    At Tangerine, our products and services are digital thereby encouraging accessibility and energy efficiency in our operations.

    As a business, our goal is to secure the financial future of our customers and their loved ones and leave behind something of endearing value to the next generation. We are committed to creating a positive experience for our clients to promote their financial well-being. Driven by innovation, we provide a range of products that help our clients’ access reliable financial services that enrich their lives.