Everything you need in One Tangerine.

Our dynamic eco-system offers you a variety of services at your finger tips.

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Live the Tangerine Life - create, grow and protect your wealth.

You can send and receive money, pay your bills, track your expenses, access loans, save and protect the things that are important to you. With a Tangerine account, do all this and so much more.


Making payments easily

Pay for your favorite items, top-up your mobile phone airtime and pay your bills using our platform. Make your payments where and when you want to; benefit from a convenient way to pay for your essentials in just a few taps.

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Insure the things you love

With our array of insurance products to choose from, you are guaranteed peace of mind. As long as it is valuable to you, we will have it covered.

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Be free to enjoy life in retirement

A retirement savings account is a step in the right direction in securing your future. With this pensions account, you insure your savings and earn returns on your investment.

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Also Available on Web

Tangerine helps you manage your finances wherever and whenever you need to. The services on the App are also accessible on the Web.

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